Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bridge,Elevator, Dining Table

My concpet of power associated with each client included the thought of how social media was infuencing the way big TNC's such as Coco-cola are marketing and working. My mash up broadcast this concept and also boradcast on how i felt power was more about how you can influence society, both facebook and coca cola hold enormous power in terms of influence over society but in  comparsion to each other my beleif was facebook held the greater power due to its ability to control to a point the though process of individuals through theri social medium.


My bridge was serperated into two bridges one for coca cola and one for Faceboo, the need to sperate came from the idea that each corporation was in it self a seperate entity for us as individuals coca cola is when u lay it down "food" and facebook is "communication" . The only way both these corporations could be connected to one another was through the meeting place.

The seperation of the bridges shows how both coporations are differnt and the meeting space below is where each corporation can meet, the differnce is bridge height is intentionally done to show the differnce in power bettween each corporation, the blue brige (facebook) is obviously the one with the higher influence so i put that bridge higer up to symbolically represent it looking over coca cola and the meeting palce.
The differnce in power is shown clearly in this image, facebook is  higer up and coca cola is lower down , however both companied are looking down at the meeting space representing that both of them have influence over society.  

Entrance into the facebook bridge

This shows how it would look like to walk through the bridge, the cage like environment represents how an indivdual is trapped inside the bridge much like how we are trapped in the powers of facebook and coca cola and although it looks like we are free to roam we are confined in the space or in their influence.

From the coca cola head quaters to the connecting bridge, the image shows how the facebook corporation is higher above looking over it.


The coca cola head quaters is a large circle type cage to represent the coca cola can, again the space is like a cage to represent the big brother type power coca cola has, the coca cola head quaters is smaller than facebook to represent the differnce in the corporations. 

Facebook space is linear and square i wanted to broadcast how facebook has this power over us that is in many ways evil as we are trapped in it hold, again the prision like structure is represented in this structure as it is a motiff through the bridge concept. 


Coca cola elevator.

View from inside the coca cola elevator, where in the distance the facebook elevator can be seen. I used the rotational texture inside the elevator as the elevator animattion is rotating around.


This image shows celarly the power both facebook and coca cola hold over us, the meeting place on the valley floor allows us to look above to see the bridges and how they are looking over us. the dining table is just a collaboration of the two headquater spaces to represent that in this meeting place both are on the smae level and both are influenced by society. 

This experiment broadcasts mainly how both corporations hold power  over us and how they trap us "society". I also wanted to convey that even within the corporations there is a level of power inequality and even within them their is a difference in the amount of influence each corporation hold over us.

Peer Review



animation keys t and k

 Bridge Final

 Bridge that didnt work

Draft environment/ Failed sketchup model

My initial sketch up model where i spent ages doing it didnt import into my levels folder, realising there was too much component and trafic in my sketchup model i had to re do the bridge from scratch hence changing my whole bridge design.


Sketchup  (initial)


Overhead view of bridge

cocacola elevator

Facebook elevator

Two Point Perspectives/ Textures

My Valley

For my valley inspiration I choose my namesake the Narmada River located in central India. This river as the name suggests is what i am named after and religious significance in Hindu culture.

Narmada River, Amarkantak Madhya Pradesh, India 


Newspaper Mashup